Friday, January 27, 2012

A bit of self-promotion...

Anyone looking for some new fantasy-fiction reading material?

My first book is available on Amazon Kindle for FREE for three days this month, starting today, January 27th, through the 29th.

Here's the link.

It's a fantasy-adventure with a bit of romance thrown in (but no explicit love scenes or anything like that--it's not erotica). It has a strong female lead, but the men are not to be discounted in the story either. There's a quest, some battles, a civil war, some magic, transformation, bravery, sacrifice, a few corrupt leaders, a young lady who knows when it's time to run from a battle rather than stay and die "nobly", a displaced young man with a remarkable knack for knowing just what you don't want him to know, a spunky retired lady mercenary, a priest who's too pretty to be true but probably hiding more than he says, five brothers of various qualities and flaws, and the question in the end: does love really conquer all? Oh yeah, and there's some dragons, too.

I would really appreciate honest but kind reviews--and it's FREE!

(If you missed this time, it will be free again at another time. I just haven't scheduled when yet. I only get a certain number of free days every 90 days.)

Thank you all. Mata, ne.

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